Author: Roelien Brink


My first gallery based solo exhibition in Cape Town is around the corner. The exhibition is titled: ‘I love you’ and will open on Valentine’s Day 2018. To not get stuck on immediate stereotypes of love, I thought I should explain rather the symbolism behind the exhibition and my work. In 2015 I created ‘Love… Read more »

Superdry – An Orca in the desert

Picture: Jonx Pillemer Photography Afrikaburn 2017 – an unforgettable experience on more than one level. In this post you will read about our experience at Afrikaburn 2017, themed ‘play’ as the good the bad (the sad) and the ugly. The experience was one of extreme mixed emotions – moments so brightly lit by the beauty… Read more »

Blowing off some steam

Last week, after a quick workout that I only got to so late in the week, I decided to squeeze in another 10 minutes to steam. Sitting down in the steam room I reflected (as I often do) on just how good exercise makes me feel. I am 32 this year and for the past… Read more »

Fine Carnival Art

Superdry will be in the Cape Town Carnival tomorrow and I am beyond excited. Partly because I have only moved to Cape Town a few years ago, and I feel so honoured to have one of my artworks included in such an incredible event that I feel really reflects the creative vibrancy of the mother… Read more »

For the Love of God

I recently watched Damien Hirsts’ documentary -Thoughts, Work, Life (2012). It struck me how much emphasis was put on the value of: “For the Love of God”. In the part of the documentary where ‘’ For the Love of God’’ is presented, it is introduced with a few short clips of Hirst being interviewed. In… Read more »

Emotion Pictures

I find myself haunted after seeing the image of little, three year old Syrian refugee, Aylan Kurdi (as well as the bodies of other children) washed up on the Turkish beach. After discussing my relationship to images in a recent blog post, I mentioned that I have a very good memory of the images I… Read more »

#tbt #twentyjourneys #6

I found myself attending a documentary style photographic exhibition by three young photographers the other night. At first, seeing the exhibition title “Twenty Journey”, to be honest, I was not intrigued. It was only after I saw twenty guests attending on my friendship list on Facebook that I started becoming interested. However I was still… Read more »