Action Painting 2007

Press Release by Brendan Gray

“The question as to whether Roelien Brink and Marcel Waldeck are murdering the practice of abstract painting or revitalizing it in their latest situation is unclear.

What is clear is that never has the term “action painting” been taken more literally. In a weird inversion of a situationist hatred for formalist art they will recontextualise the act of painting by inviting viewers to fire multicolored paintballs at a virgin gallery wall and televise the situation at high speed as a media spectacle on the M.K. television channel on DSTV.

Painting as extreme sport aired between music videos. Clement Greenberg would hate this. What would Jean Baudrillard make of it? Who cares?

Find out for yourself by participating in the making of this seminal work by kitting up in your painting gear at the Substation venue at the Wits School of the arts at 12th of May.”

Marcel Waldeck’s website here

Edited by Lauren Louise Hammond