Month: Aug 2015

#tbt #7 Drawing out the subject

I have unexpectedly been included in a group exhibition next week, at a gallery where I am hopefully having a drawing exhibition later on next year- in Johannesburg. I am not sure what the other artists on the show will be exhibiting this coming week. I do however know that I am included so that… Read more »

#tbt #twentyjourneys #6

I found myself attending a documentary style photographic exhibition by three young photographers the other night. At first, seeing the exhibition title “Twenty Journey”, to be honest, I was not intrigued. It was only after I saw twenty guests attending on my friendship list on Facebook that I started becoming interested. However I was still… Read more »

#tbt #The Conceptual Catwalk #5

I now find myself planning a drawing exhibition. I approached a gallery I like (there are not many) on my visit to Johannesburg. Having done a lot of conceptual art of late, I had to ask myself why and how; do I suddenly turn to drawing. There is this weird thing- conceptual art often seems… Read more »

Filling the conceptual void..

Over a lovely Troyville hotel lunch (one of my favourite spots whilst I lived in Johannesburg) with some fellow artists ,and art collectors, I realised exactly what it is that keeps me creating and being enthusiastic about art and art practice. The artists that joined me for lunch (12-30 years my peers) seem to have… Read more »