Coke 2007

This work is an extension of the instillation Resident Evil. The same blow-up toy with the American wrestler Batista was used. This time the toy was wedged between two larger than life Coca-Cola bottles. The toy was kept in place by strapping Vibra-tone devices around the Coca-Cola bottles. This caused the instillation to take on the shape of the male and female sexual body parts. The Vibra-tone exercise devices vibrate when switched on. This caused the entire instillation to shake, and enhanced the idea of ‘sex’ or a massive vibrator.

This work comments on branding. Different brands work with the ideals media set to convincingly trick the consumer. Media portrays idealistic beauty; whilst brands such as Coca-Cola, when consumed, destroy such ideals. The exercise devices promises ideal bodies- while media advertises. By contradicting these media ideals, one brand influences or enhances the consumption of another.  This causes a never ending spiral of consumerism that spins between the ideals set by media, and those same ideals desired by the consumer. The consumer strives to reach these ideals through the use of these branded products.

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Edited by Lauren Louise Hammond