The song ”Love the Way You Lie” is about a bad relationship. This work was conceptualized during a break up, and explores gender identity and gender roles, challenging common misconceptions about identity. This sculptural signage was displayed across the horizon at Afrikaburn. This festival acts as a platform for contradiction- opposites interact here.

This juxtaposition is furthered by the nature of the exhibition sphere of this piece. The large scale work, reminiscent of the Hollywood sign, against the stark background of the natural Karoo.

“Finally, it is appropriate to reflect on Brink’s experience of creating visual art and then feeling regeneration though primal sacrifice by fire and interconnectedness with other people. Her experience of regaining faith in a capacity to love and be loved again, however fleetingly, is part of what Bert Olivier (2002: 242, citing also Olivier 1987) calls the “power of art … (wherein Love the way you lie specifically, and AfrikaBurn in general, has an enabling energy)
to transform the everyday, as well as people”
– John Steele

Edited by Lauren Louise Hammond